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3 Easy Ways to Take Advantage of Android Nougat is Improved Notification System

A new notifications system was one of many changes in Android 7.0 Nougat. The notification system now gives you more control and better organization for all of the alerts you receive throughout the day.


Ready to take full advantage of this new and improved notification system? Today, we’re giving you 5 tips that help you do exactly that.


3) Use Quick Reply
You don’t need to set anything up to use Quick Reply. It’s enabled by default. As expected, this lets you directly reply to notifications from the notifications screen without actually opening that app.


2) Customize Notifications Directly from the Notifications Shade
Want to change the way you receive notifications from a certain app? Instead of swiping away all notifications (something that’s still available in Nougat), just give a gentle nudge in from right to left (don’t swipe all the way across your screen). You’ll see a small wrench appear. Touch this wrench to customize the notifications for your app. Then, long press on the alert to do the same thing.


1) Customize Settings Even Further
Tip 4 offered basic customization options. However, you can customize your notifications even further by tapping the More Settings button underneath. This More Settings button takes you to another screen for the app where you can customize your settings even further.


More notification options include the ability to prevent notifications from showing on the lock screen or even the ability to override “Do Not Disturb” mode.

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